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5 countries to visit on the continent without breaking the bank

If you don’t feel like taking too long flights, take advantage of living on one of the various continents of the world and travel through Africa.

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JOHANNESBURG – South Africans craving a destination vacation may find themselves stuck in the best and most affordable places to go.

If you don’t feel like taking too long flights, take advantage of living on one of the most diverse continents in the world and travel through Africa.

If you choose the right time of year and the right accommodation, the perfect (and most affordable) vacation could end up being our neighbors.

Here are five budget places to visit in Africa for your next big trip.


When one thinks of Egypt, the mind immediately conjures up images of the Great Pyramids and the vast desert.

But besides being a destination of historical significance, Egypt is also an incredible and affordable vacation destination.

A week at the Nefertiti Hotel Luxor for two people can cost less than R2,500 and historical tours, from desert adventures to boat trips on the Red Sea, there is something for everyone.


For some people, the only reason to travel outside your home country is to immerse yourself in different cultures, foods and landscapes – and there’s no better place to do that on a budget than Morocco.

Take advantage of the incredible markets and find 7 nights accommodation for less than 2,000 rand at Riad Inspira.

If you are looking for a luxurious week of relaxing on an island with cocktails at affordable prices, Zanzibar could be the place.

With week-long accommodation available for just over R2,000 at the Z Hotel and flights under four hours from Johannesburg, this island paradise is a perfect affordable travel destination.


If you want to keep your vacation closer to home and possibly avoid flying, a trip to Mozambique might be just what you need.

The capital, Maputo, is the best place to stay on a budget and there is plenty to do for entertainment.

A couple can spend a week at the Casa Quimera hotel in Maputo for less than R5,000.


If you are a fan of wildlife and want to spend your holidays lounging in nature, Malawi is a great budget destination.

From guided nature walks and game drives to scuba diving in Lake Malawi, this destination is perfect for those looking to get away from city life.

You can find accommodation at the Mayoka Village Beach Lodge for less than R5,000 for two people for the week.