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Africa’s Sahara desert dust in Evansville skies this week

If it looks a little hazy outside, that’s not the smoke you’re seeing. It’s actually dust from Africa!

You’re going to want to keep an eye on the sky this week, as the skies will be a little more overcast than usual. It will be a nice sight to see, but if you are wondering why it will be so foggy over the next few days, it is all due to the Sahara Desert.

Saharan dust in the skies of Evansville this week

Sarahan Dust will be in the Evansville area this week Wednesday through Sunday. According Indiana Storm Chasers:

Saharan dust from Africa has made the long journey across the Atlantic Ocean and will now reach the Upper Midwest. The whole region will be affected, especially people with allergies. More incredible sunsets will be visible, so get your camera out and take a trip this week to watch the sun go down.

How did he get here?

To understand how the Saharan dust made its way from Africa to the Evansville area, KHU Explain :

What happens is that thunderstorms develop during the monsoon season, which is from May to September, and as that happens, storms develop and as they collapse they create flow limits.

These flow boundaries are just one big draft.

As this air rushes through the Sahel and into the Saharan desert, it picks up dust.

This dust rises in the air and is lifted by the trade winds and is carried thousands of miles across the Atlantic.

What to look for

Over the next few days here in the Evansville area you will notice beautiful sunrises and sunsets that will have deep red and orange hues. According Fox 59:

In dense conditions, skies can appear milky white during the day, with dust blocking light and causing muted sunsets in the evening.

Although this may look beautiful, it could create problems for some people. high concentrations of fine dust particles could cause you a little difficulty if you have respiratory problems.

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