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Comedian Eddie Butita set to tie the knot soon, date reveals

Talented stand-up comedian Eddie Butita is about to marry the love of his life. The popular Churchill Show comedian has kept his relationship under wraps for some time now, with speculation mounting that he is no longer in a romantic relationship with fellow buffoon Mammito Eunice. Speculation was further sparked after Mammito dumped the dude on his birthday. She never posted it on D-Day.

Rumor has it that the two have decided to go their separate ways and are no longer seeing each other. Eddie Butita’s repertoire of dodging the breakup question gave netizens reason to discern that they were indeed not dating.

Despite the ambivalent feelings, Eddie Butita claimed he was looking forward to getting married soon.

Comedian Eddie Butita with Mammito-Google

wedding plans

During a recent interview with Milele FM, the comedian said he already has plans in the works to get married in November this year;

“Huu ni mwaka ambayo niko na mipango mingi sana. By the way nafanya harusi november. Acha niwatafutie vitenge na suti…”

Butita was reluctant to reveal whether he was marrying Mammito or whether he had found another wife.

The comedian claims to have had many proposals from women, and recently, a lady stood out by dedicating a song to him. Will it be the woman Butita places a ring on or will Mammito be the bride?

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