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Company unveils plans to improve tourism in Nigeria – The Sun Nigeria

By Christian Agadibe

from Nigeria the rich culture and natural resources have attracted tourists from other climates to the country.

To explore untapped resources, LandWey Investment, the developers of the Isimi Lagos project, unveiled its 2030 master plan as it embarked on infrastructure projects. It aims to transform 305 acres of land and a series of sites on the north side of Lekki Lagoon into Nigeria’s premier wellness and lifestyle town.

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At the unveiling recently, it was a gathering of speakers and you could feel the excitement in the air. While some wanted to know some of the unique selling points, others were happy with what they had seen and heard about the city and just wanted to be part of it.

The event started with a video presenting the proposed city. It was captivating and everyone watched with rapt attention and wonder, especially at the first class facilities that would be available in the city. The serene environment and top-notch facilities made the project attractive and portrayed Isimi as the place to be.

During the discussion session, the promoters went deeper to talk about expectations, financial implications, partnership opportunities and more.

Isimi, which means ‘peace of mind’ or ‘rest’ in the Yoruba language, aims to embody its meaning by being truly a city of peace as it is designed to offer residents a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of its home state. origin, Lagos.

They added that the city would feature environmentally friendly and wellness-conscious facilities. These include a lake for recreational activities, a conservation park, the Isimi farm to provide farm-to-table meals, a golf course, a recreation center, a technology valley, a helipad, forestry, a spa, hiking trails, gym facilities and standard polo turf, just to name a few.

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The firm hopes to make Nigeria a new international destination on the continent’s tourist map.

“There is a certain tranquility with which we grew up in rural areas. Nature served as our alarm and the many sounds of nature cajoled us throughout the day. These days, in our increasingly fast-paced lives, we are surrounded by persistent pollution from noise, air, and trash, to name a few. We want Isimi to give you back that peace,” said Olawale Ayilara, Group Managing Director of Oxygen Holdings.

“We have designed a one-of-a-kind natural escape in West Africa that will be easily accessible by different means of transport, boat, helicopter and car,” he added.

The unveiling of the eight-year master plan to accomplish Isimi 2030 was made during the recent symposium held at LandWey headquarters, which attracted major media and industry players.

The city’s residential neighborhoods will include clusters of buildings, labeled Origin One, the Village, Green Life Colony and the Emergence, all of which will provide work and living spaces with 21st century amenities while maintaining and respecting the topography of the surrounding environment.

According to LandWey Investments COO Seun Eyitayo, Isimi Lagos has something for everyone: “We are revealing 2030, that is the timeline we are focusing on for the whole project. It’s in eight years. So in five years, I see us doing half of that; most of the recreation centres, infrastructure, would be ready.

“Interestingly, working on the Wellness City project has transformed the face of tourism in the country and in Lagos in particular. Just having a vision for something like this and bringing it to life is quite rewarding. When you have a vision, you sell it, and if it’s a good vision, it can happen. We do the hard work behind the scenes and make it happen.

She went on to explain that “the infrastructure of what we’re trying to do is great motivation and inspiration. There’s a place in South Africa that it’s modeled after. So going out there and seeing what they have and saying ‘why can’t we have this here in Nigeria’ has opened our eyes to a lot of opportunities and things that we can do.