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Goodbye ‘Bully!’ Marlo and Kenya face off for the umpteenth time on #RHOA

A pair of #RHOA frenemies got back at it again on the Bravo show and this time things almost got physical.

On the latest episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Marlo Hampton and Kenya Moore squared off during Drew Sidora’s “Drop It With Drew” fitness class.

Credit: Prince Williams/Wire Image/Bravo

The ex-friends who previously argued over his mother’s estrangement from Kenya and Kenya’s claims that Marlo is secretly a prostitute were previously in a better place and reconciled, but now it seems all of that is out the window.

This time, the latest issue between the two centers on Kandi Burruss who, according to Marlo, apparently heard misinformation from Kenya.

Marlo Hampton and Kenya Moore almost come to blows

On Sunday, #RHOA Kenya confirmed she told Kandi that Marlo called her a “bad friend” for not supporting Sheree Whitfield after Tyrone Gilliams lifted her.

Mind you, that’s exactly what happened and that’s precisely what Marlo said, but it apparently pissed her off and she went for low blows with Kenya.

“She’s not fucking with you, it made her realize all the things you weren’t for her,” Kenya told Marlo.

“Can you teach me to be a friend, Kenya?!” Marlo asked. “Alright, what’s up with Marc [Daly]? Tell us about Marc, your relationship. Tell us about your fake booty…

“That’s the Marlo we know,” Kenya replied. “Where’s your man, Marlo? asked Kenya.

” I do not want it. You settled for one who put you down, darling! replied Marlo.

“Yes I did. And I have a beautiful child of that. And what do you have?!” says Kenya.

Things then escalated from there and hands got dangerously close to faces before the group swooped in to smash Kenya and Marlo.

“Get out of my face. Get out of my fucking face!” Kenya said before calling Marlo a “pitiful hoe”.

On Twitter, Kenya agreed with fans that Marlo was going too far.

Kenya also said on the #RHOA After Show that Marlo is a “bully” and compared her behavior to that of her ex-husband. Apparently, when Marlo gets angry, she tries to “put you down with words” and Marc Daly does the same.

What do you think of the latest drama between Marlo and Kenya? This is the second time in recent weeks that Marlo has made derogatory comments about her.