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Jeju Province and Tanzania Strengthen Cooperation in Tourism, Culture and Blue Economy

Jeju Special Self-Governing Province and Tanzania have agreed to strengthen cooperation to revitalize exchanges in tourism, culture and blue economy. On March 10, Deputy Governor for Political Affairs of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Ko Young-kwon had talks with Tanzanian Ambassador to Korea Togolani Edriss Mavura.

During the meeting, they discussed ways to cooperate in areas such as natural and cultural heritage and blue economy. The blue economy is a concept that extends the idea of ​​blue technology, which draws inspiration from nature and applies environmental dynamics, to the global economy.

Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa with a narrow and low coastline, in addition to plains, lakes and mountains. Ambassador Mavura said, “From today, I hope Jeju Province and Tanzania will have a cooperative relationship.” He continued, “Tourism is a big part of the Tanzanian economy and Jeju attracts 15 million tourists every year, so we must have a lot to learn from each other.”

The Ambassador explained, “Zanzibar is a beautiful province in Tanzania that has many similarities to Jeju, including the history of conflict resolution in the local community.” He said the president of Zanzibar, an autonomous region, was also very interested in participating in the Jeju Forum for Peace and Prosperity, which is “promising for mutually beneficial cooperation between the two regions in the future.”

In response, Vice Governor Ko replied, “I sincerely appreciate your love and concern for Jeju Province. Although the geographical distance between Jeju and Tanzania is great, with so many similarities between us, I hope we can continue our cooperation and exchanges in the future.

After the meeting, Deputy Governor Ko presented the Ambassador with a ceramic plate made of Hallasan soil, and Ambassador Mavura gave him Tanzanian coffee and a painting of streets in Tanzania.