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May Day Statement from the Global Tourism Network

The Global Tourism Network released a statement to honor May Day.

International Workers’ Day is also known as Labor Day in most countries and is often referred to as May Day. It is a celebration of workers and working classes that is promoted by the international labor movement and takes place every year on May Day. Workers’ Day is celebrated in many countries around the world.

Alain St. Ange, Vice President of International Relations for the Global Tourism Network said:

“May Day is marked in the Commonwealth of Nations as Workers’ Day. We call on all to remain united, more than ever, to overcome the challenges of 2022 which will extend into 2023 and perhaps beyond.

The world has come to better understand Covid-19 and its challenges. Today we are all confronted with the Russian-Ukrainian war and its effects.

The need for everyone to unite is now. Your family, your country, your continent and the world depend on your dedication and commitment.

We are all workers and we must all understand that our own responsibilities keep the economic chain strong and alive.

Whether it’s manager or cleaner, captain or deckhand, boss, manager or desk officer, we all need to do more than ever to keep our economies moving.

We have to work hard and ensure a plate of food on the table for our respective families. Let’s stay united and face the challenges together,”

Alain St.Ange spoke from his base in the Seychelles.

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