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Nigeria and Senegal join forces in new Africa tourism Broadway initiative

Mary Nnah

Defending African Cup of Nations champions Senegal have contacted Nigeria’s largest and most influential travel and tourism trade group, the National Association of Nigeria Travel Agencies (NANTA), in the purpose of intensifying mutually beneficial intelligence and market capacity sharing relationship on tourism trade.

While NANTA will bring the massive presence and experience of its over six thousand members across Nigeria to boost the handshake of Senegalese and Nigerian tourism on the vast West Coast of Africa, the Senegalese team represented by its a young government-powered tourism board, will fund expansive and exclusive projects. business workshops on the offer of tradocultural and sports tourism in Senegal.

With eyes on Nigeria’s active commerce and adventure market, NANTA will help navigate to the destination Senegal has been waiting for, a notable tourism feat the association has championed as part of its tourism diplomacy from Africa to Africa under its current leadership.

NANTA’s President and key executive members, Ms. Susan Akporiaye, assured the Senegalese tourism board team that NANTA has the connection, experience and reach to drive the destination initiative. Senegal to Nigeria, and in an instant effective gesture for relationship birth.

Akporiaye further disclosed that the association offered a free exhibition stand in Senegal during its annual business conference in Kano this month to showcase its tourism products and offers.

She further informed the Senegalese business team led by Khadim Amar, Senior Project Manager, Mamadou Moustapa, Product Manager and Religious Tourism Consultant, Sakina Renneye, that NANTA will spare no effort in pursuing partnership with voluntary African tourism bodies and is committed to sharing tourism. commercial prosperity with Senegal.

Amar, who spoke at the strategy meeting held at the 46-year-old association’s iconic Lagos headquarters, expressed his gratitude to NANTA whose support and commitment to the growth of joint tourism initiatives and development plans. action in Africa have become legendary.

“We are grateful for this opportunity to meet with NANTA, plan and agree together, especially as Africans, on how the continent can benefit from promoting tourism trade,” Amar said, adding that the authorities Senegalese are willing to strengthen the relationship with NANTA. , organizing a broad meeting with the association in Senegal to create tourism and related trade openings between the two sister nations in West Africa for the benefit of its people.

Presenting a football shirt with the number 10, to the president of NANTA, Amar explained that the Senegalese team won the African Nations Cup with their number 10 player winning the man of the match in the last game, and therefore the shirt number 10 given to NANTA symbolizes a winning strategy between NANTA keen to open up the Nigerian travel market in Senegal as the two institutions prepare for a win-win tourism engagement on the West Coast.