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Opening of the very first “Africa Fashion” exhibition in London

Britain’s largest exhibition of African fashion is set to open in London, showcasing past and present designers, as well as the continent’s diverse heritage and cultures .

“Africa Fashion”, at the Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum from Saturday, is also the first exhibition in the country devoted to this medium.

“We wanted to celebrate the amazing African fashion scene today. So the creativity of all the designers, stylists, photographers, and look at the inspiration behind it all,” she told AFP.

Senior Curator Christine Checinska called it “part of the V&A’s ongoing commitment to the leading work of African heritage creators”.

The V&A was founded in 1852, as Britain under Queen Victoria expanded its global empire, including, in the decades that followed, in Africa.

“The conversations and collaborations that shaped the making of the Africa Fashion exhibition are a test bed for new and equitable ways of working together that allow us to imagine and realize the V&A of the future,” he said. she adds.

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“The Vanguard” is the central attraction, showcasing iconic works by well-known African designers including Alphadi from Niger, Shade Thomas-Fahm from Nigeria and Kofi Ansah from Ghana.

Thomas-Fahm’s designs, for example, reinvented traditional African clothing for the “cosmopolitan working woman”.

A highlight is the centerpiece made by Moroccan designer Artsi especially for the exhibition.

Fashioning a “meditation on our common humanity”, Artsi emphasizes the beauty of African fashion that “does not come from a source of commercialized clothing”.


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