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Still Africa’s most admired brand

Dangote Industries Limited (DIL) has reached a new milestone, through hard work and an enviable and relentless pursuit of excellence in all of its operations.

This latest historic triumph shows who we are, what we all are, with the unerring emphasis of primus inter pares (first among equals) in business in Africa.

Enjoying the admiration of many well-wishers, the pan-African conglomerate has again emerged as Africa’s most admired brand for the year 2022, for its leadership position in driving quality brands across the continent.

In an unprecedented move, Dangote won awards in eight different categories at the recent awards show hosted by renowned organization Brand Africa in Lagos. Other awards include: Most Admired Nigerian Brand, Most Admired Brand in West Africa which symbolizes African Pride; The most admired African brand in West Africa and the most admired Nigerian brand in Africa among others.

Winning a single award signifies production quality; but winning eight awards all at once portrays a winning mentality of the organization’s workforce and an enduring acceptance of its products and services by consumers, customers and even peers, much to the chagrin of known rivals and imaginary. All thanks to its top-notch staff, who rose to the challenges and weathered the headwinds to make this success a reality.

Continental status

In a recent issue of Brand Africa 100: Africa’s Best Brands, Dangote retained its status as the most admired African brand, spontaneously recalled.

Group Commercial Director, Dangote Industries Limited, Rabiu Umar, who received the awards, praised Brand Africa for its initiative in creating and promoting African brands. He thanked the organizers and urged them not to relax their efforts so that African brands compete favorably with foreign brands.

Umar said that Dangote has taken a step up as a global brand with the export of Dangote fertilizer to many countries around the world, saying, “People now identify with the brand and in all the countries where we let’s operate, Dangote Cement has become a point of reference. .”

Umar said: “For DIL management, the ranking was not unexpected, as the company has a long-standing reputation for quality, relevance, compliance and social stewardship. Our mission and our vision engage and inspire us; and by extension connects us to our internal and external stakeholders.

“We firmly believe that only Africans can develop Africa, and this gives us a stronger sense of relevance in all the countries where we have our operations. We are touching lives by meeting their basic needs and empowering Africans more than ever before, creating jobs, reducing capital flight and helping the government keep currency drain by supporting different industrial projects and infrastructure of African governments.

External honors

Brand Africa Founder and Chairman Thebe Ikalafeng said Dangote has remained a global African brand and symbolizes African pride. He added that Dangote has also moved up a rank in the Top 100 Most Admired Brands and retains its rank as the #1 Made-in-Nigeria brand.

Ikalafeng, giving an overview of the winner selection process, said the ranking is based on a pan-African survey covering more than 25 countries, which collectively account for around 85% of Africa’s population and 85% of the continent’s GDP. .

According to him, the research is conducted by GeoPoll, the world’s leading mobile survey platform, with strategic analysis, insights and ranking conducted by Kantar, the world’s leading data, insights and consulting company and Brand Leadership Group, Africa’s leading brand strategy, strategic communications and intellectual property advisory firm.

Sustainable ranking

Established in 2011, the Brand Africa 100: Africa’s Best Brands ranking is the most trusted survey and analysis of brands and underlying businesses in Africa, based on Geopoll research of 29 countries spanning all five economic regions . An analysis of data over the past 10 years found that on average just over 20% of the brands admired by Africans are made in Africa.

Brand Africa is a cross-generational movement to inspire a brand-driven African renaissance to boost Africa’s competitiveness, connect Africa and create a positive image of the continent.

Recognizing that while the rebound of African brands is notable, results will not be sustainable without committed and inspiring leadership. In 2022, Brand Africa recognized leaders who are the catalyst for the growth of Made in Africa brands both in businesses and in those who have championed and supported the development of great local brands in supporting industries.

Founder and Chairman of Brand Africa and Brand Leadership, Thebe Ikalafeng said, “As we emerge from the pandemic and Africa seeks to assert itself, the results are very inspiring and bode well for an African-led renaissance. by world-class competitive African brands. ”

Research Director, GeoPoll, Bernard Okasi, who has been the main data collection partner since 2015, said “With an increased number of countries and a larger sample size this year, more than ever, and in particular during the pandemic, mobile has proven to be the effective tool for us to reach and access respondents across the continent.

Africa Middle East Growth Director for Kantar, Karin Du Chenne, who has led Brand Africa since its inception in 2010, also said: “Despite the volumes of brands analyzed due to the increased sample size in terms of respondents and countries, the continues to paint a very cohesive picture of the brands and trends that are transforming the continent.

Now in its 12th year, every year on or around Africa Day, May 25, Brand Africa releases the results of the Africa’s Most Admired Brands survey based on a survey conducted in 29 countries representing up to 85% of the continent. GDP and population. The 2022 survey was conducted between March and April 2022 and yielded over 80,000 brand mentions and over 3,500 unique brands.

The results of Brand Africa 100 will be published in the June issue of African Business magazine which goes on sale worldwide in June 2022 and will be available online for subscribers.

The Brand Africa 100 2022: Africa’s Best Brands was organized by Brand Africa’s partners in Nigeria, AT3 Resources and Open Squares Africa, and supported by the Central Bank of Nigeria, South African Tourism and NQR, Africa Media Agency and BCW Africa.

Lasting trend

The historic journey of the eight Brand Africa Awards deserves to be celebrated in every sense of the word, and every Dangote Group staff member should have a sense of pride and a true sense of belonging to this historic achievement.

These awards were won through the collective efforts of Dangote staff at all levels, and they set the tone for an enduring tenure at the top in all areas where we play. With the recognized winning mentality of the President/EC and the positive attitude of every internal stakeholder, this is surely not the last reward for this group. As this particular distinction recedes, other landmarks loom on the horizon. The record is not over yet.