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UK issues global alert as Russia ‘expands into Africa’ in new Putin plot | World | News

Buying Ukrainian grain forward would invalidate Russia’s claims that allowing it to leave the country would help the war effort, an SNP MP has said.

Dave Doogan said: “It’s not NATO’s or the West’s responsibility to get this grain out, it’s not Ukraine’s responsibility, it’s humanity’s responsibility to get that grain out of Odessa and onto world markets where they can provide a lifeline literally, sadly, for the poorest of the world community.”

He asked: ‘Is there a mechanism that some very smart people in the Commerce Department and his Cabinet colleagues could consider to forward buy the value of the grain in Ukraine so that the grain is already sold before it leaves Ukraine, thus denying Russia, however tenuous, the opportunity to say that it is helping the Ukrainian war effort financially?

“If the funding is already in place, this argument no longer holds. It will prove that if Russia is still blocking the transit of grain out of Odessa, it is purely a malicious act of belligerence that will cost the lives of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people.

“Furthermore, it will leave Ukraine’s silos and storage facilities to receive this year’s crop so that we don’t store up the exact same problem for years to come.

“It’s absolutely vital that we coordinate the best ideas around this particular priority wherever possible.”