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Varun Suthra Attends Berlin International Gathering – Jammu and Kashmir Latest News | Tourism

Varun Suthra with German MPs at the Berlin International Rally.

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, June 7: Dr. Varun Suthra, Secretary for International Relations of MP Dr. Achyuta Samanta, attended the 26th Berlin International Gathering held at the German Parliament in Berlin.
The objective of the conference was to deepen international relations through personal encounters while reflecting together on questions concerning the responsibility of human beings towards the planet. Among the dignitaries who attended the meeting were current and former members of the German Parliament and state parliaments, as well as German and foreign friends from the fields of politics, economics and society.
Katalin Novak, President of Hungary, was the main guest and keynote speaker on this occasion. She stressed the need for compassion among world leaders during her speech. She shared her views and ideas on current international affairs and their impact on nations.
Dignitaries from various nations expressed their solidarity with the victims of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Various leaders have urged individuals and authorities to unite to provide all assistance to refugees and those in need. The four main breakout sessions included Hope for South East Europe, Hope for Africa, Hope through Development Cooperation and Hope through Spiritual Freedom.
Other important dignitaries who attended the conference included Bernd Rutzel, German MP; Anja Karliczek, MP, Germany; Katrin Goring, Deputy Speaker of the German Parliament; Andreas Jahn, Chief of Staff, German MP; Volkmar Klein, German MP; Dmitar Tashev, Bulgarian MP and Professor Margaret Kamar, Deputy Speaker of the Senate of Kenya.